Isnin, 4 April 2011

Adam Amsyar

6 month old, third week

At this age my baby's repertoire of sounds may include squeals, bubbling noises, operatic octave changes, and babbling. About half of all six-month-olds babble - repeating one syllable such as "ba" or "ma" over and over. Try listening to your baby and see how many sounds you can hear: does he babble quickly or slowly? Softly or loudly? Are the sounds high or low? You can encourage his budding language skills by babbling right back at him and by making a game of it. ("The cat says 'meow,'" or "The goat says 'maaa,'" and so on). You may also notice that he reacts to different tones in your voice now, perhaps quietening if you talk to him crossly, laughing when you play games with him.

mudak musyuk ni sekarang petah ber'pot pet' suka tengok... yang dia selalu sebut ma, pa, ja, ta.. nak belajar alif ba ta kot sebab mak tok selalu bagi dia tengok iqraq yang budak2 nyanyi kat tv...