Khamis, 13 Mei 2010

scary marry n beware!

hey ladies out there. i dapat dari blog rinanda. so i think i shud share it with all my readers. pls. be careful no matter where u r. photos below shows u on a case of robbery in lift. tho u r not alone, whether u r with friends ke, or a friend ke. just be careful hokeh.

kalau boleh avoid to be in the same lift with a guy/guys. no matter what race, how they look like or what they r wearing. sometimes diorg ni boleh jugak menyamar. ape lagi if that guy/guys look like the criminal in the photos below. i think the guy below is an in.dian or scary. both the victims r a just be careful. things can happen anytime n anywhere. its not really safe dah sekarang ni.