Rabu, 4 Julai 2012

U Mobile Unlimited Mobile Internet

Test-driving U Mobile’s Unlimited Mobile Internet Prepaid Plan

U Mobile is Malaysia’s award-winning, fast-growing telecommunications provider. Its forte lies in offering tremendous value on top of great service. One of its key strengths is in the realm of prepaid plans.

I’ve been a U Mobile prepaid user for less than a year (and now also postpaid broadband user), using the Unlimited Mobile Internet plan (only RM28/month) with a BlackBerry Internet Services rider on top of the main plan.  I’ve been impressed by overall service and the nice extras that come with the prepaid plan.
The Real ‘All-in-One’
U Mobile’s prepaid plan is the only true blue ‘all-in-one’ plan where a user can really have it all. What does that mean? It means free calls, free SMS, unlimited mobile internet (500MB up to 42Mbps speeds), free roaming to Singapore, special bonuses & privileges, great coverage and flexibility.
The free call promotion is pretty awesome. I get to make free voice calls within the U Mobile network with absolutely no limit to the amount of friends or family. It is time-based where free calls are time between 00:00am to 6:59:59pm. This is of course subject to a Fair Usage Policy of 60mins a day. Calls during peak hours from 7pm – 11.59pm are chargeable at a low rate of RM0.03/30sec.
Gift for speed demons
One aspect of U Mobile’s service that I enjoy most is the data speeds. Unlimited mobile internet connectivity of up to 42Mbps every day, for less than RM1 per day. I get great latency and consistent speeds every where I go. Important for checking and replying emails on the go, updating social networks, uploading and downloading pictures and files. Hit your quota? Don’t worry, just credit RM10 and get a ‘boost’ of up to 3 days with unlimited speeds.
Rewards, rewards, rewards
I haven’t claimed any of my rewards as a U Mobile customer yet, but know that the U Mobile prepaid customer can enjoy discounts, vouchers and exclusive packages with over 60 merchants in over 800 outlets nationwide. This includes well-known brands like Starbucks, Boost Juice, Kenny Rogers Roasters and Purple Cane Tea Art Centre & Restaurant. Subscribers can also enjoy up to 50 percent discounts off rack rates with Berjaya Resorts nationwide. Nice.
What’s also great about U Mobile’s prepaid plan is flexibility. The plan offers longer validity period of up to 90 days, as opposed to 30 days offered by other operators.
Here’s an overview of U Mobile’s prepaid plan offerings, and rate comparisons.

I’ve ‘converted’ some friends & acquaintance to U Mobile and they’ve been happy customers so far. Since it offers a cheap to run prepaid plan, there really is no harm in trying. Here are some locations where you can grab your prepaid starter pack. Or be like me where I placed my order online and had the pack shipped to my address.

No hassles. Exactly what a prepaid service should be